Stores Purchase Section

IIT Delhi, Delhi

         SPS Rules 2017

         SPS Rules 2008

        General Financial Rules 2017

         General Financial Rules 2005

        Acts & Statutes

         Administrative Manual

        Senate Manual

Documents on Public Procurement issued by CVC-

         Public Procurement Bill

         Audit Guidelines on procurement

        Study on Govt. Procurement

         CAG on Public Procurement

        Common Irregularities Observed in Public Procurement

         Illustrative check points for various stages of public procurement>

         CVC guidelines on procurement process


Steps/ Flow Chart

Steps for Raising GOODS INWARD SLIP (G.I.S)


(For items cost > Rs.2.5 Lac by Open Tender through eProcurement)

Step-by-Step procedure for GeM/ Non-GeM Purchase

Steps to process bills on GeM

Steps to Write-off, auction & deletion
with flow chart



Govt. e-Marketplace

As per Govt. guidelines, all the items available on GeM are to be procured through e-Marketplace (https://gem.gov.in) mandatorily.

         GIS Enquiry

         Bills Sent to : DR (A/cs)

         Bills Sent to : IRD / FITT (A/cs)

        Concessional GST Enquiry

         E-Procurement Process

        Financial / Technical Evaluation Sheet

         Process of web uploading of Tenders & Newspaper Advt.


         Sample NIQ for E-Publishing

         Sample NIQ for E-Procurement (Multi Currency)

        Sample NIQ (INR Purchase)

         Public Procurement Order 2017- Revised (16/09/2020)

        Bank Guarantee Performa

         Bank Detail

        Approval of Director Template

         Currency Rate (SBI Forex) :

Choose TT Sell rate for comparison and add

Rs.2 to the TT Sell rate for booking purpose

         Information related to import on FOB/CIF Basis

         Codification of Stores Items

        Blacklisted Supplier

         IITD Registration in DSIR

        GST Registration Certificate

         Deptt. Codification

        Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) of IIT Delhi