Stores Purchase Section

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         SPS Rules 2017

         SPS Rules 2008

        General Financial Rules 2017

         General Financial Rules 2005

        Acts & Statutes

         Administrative Manual

        Senate Manual

Documents on Public Procurement issued by CVC-

         Public Procurement Bill

         Audit Guidelines on procurement

        Study on Govt. Procurement

         CAG on Public Procurement

        Common Irregularities Observed in Public Procurement

         Illustrative check points for various stages of public procurement

         CVC guidelines on procurement process

Flow Chart

Tender Flow Chart

Purchase Flow Chart

Write-off/ e-Auction Flow Chart



Govt. e-Marketplace

As per Govt. guidelines, Institute may also purchase goods from DGS&D online directly through e-Marketplace (https://gem.gov.in)

         GIS Enquiry

         Bills Sent to : DR (A/cs)

         Bills Sent to : IRD / FITT (A/cs)

        E-Procurement Process

         Chemical Rate Contract (w.e.f. 1.7.14 to 30.6.15)

        Financial / Technical Evaluation Sheet

         Process of web uploading of Tenders & Newspaper Advt.


         Sample NIQ for E-Publishing

         Sample NIQ for E-Procurement

        Bank Guarantee Performa

         Approval of Director Template

        Current Rate of Currency

         Codification of Stores Items

        Blacklisted Supplier

         GST Registration Certificate